30 October 2014

Lettie Gooch's Spooktastic Style

                                                 What are you dressing up as?

Need something to wear? Here's a cute, sexy, and fun Witch costume to wear this Haloweeen!
Lavender brown Sparkle Body Con Dress- Black and Silver $198
Little River Sock Mill Socks- Nude Sparkle $18
Three teir Pearl Necklace - $58
Sparkle Spider Witch hat- avaliable upon request

14 October 2014

Get on our LEVEL!!!

                                                                  Level 99 Denim is In!!!


Are you ready for fall, are you ready to get on our level? Well if you are, come in and try on our new Level 99 denim! Not only are these jeans sexy but they're also super soft to the touch, made with a high technology fiber called "tencel". Trust us, you won't want to take this denim off!!!

Trixie Trouser - Forever Black

Dolby Western Jacket - Tanner wash
Skinny Liza - Americano wash

06 October 2014

In October, we Honor...

                                                Wear PINK! Fight Cancer!

The days of September have become a not so distant memory, and now we welcome October! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! This month we honor the beautiful women who are fighting and those who have lost their battle to this dreadful disease.

This fight is very dear to us at Lettie Gooch, as we have loved ones who have won the fight and some who have lost. So this time around, we are taking October by its horns and kicking Breast Cancer to the curb!!!
Here are a few tips to get us all on track to a healthier lifestyle and continue to kick  breast cancer to the curb!

  • Strive to keep your Body Mass Index (BMI) under 25
  • Moderate daily exercise reduces risk up to 15-25%. Exercise decreases circulating levels of estrogen, although estrogen is vital, increased exposure raise's risk.
  • Lower alcohol intake. The American Cancer Society say's " the more a woman drinks the higher the risk. Even one drink a day increase's our risk.
  • Maintain a healthy diet. Some foods that can help protect us against Breast Cancer include; soy, turmeric, garlic, olive oil, green tea, and seaweed. (Soy has estrogen that attaches itself to cells that block our natural body estrogen from affecting the cells)
  • Consider taking an estrogen blocking drug such as Tamoxifen which reduces risk up to 50% or Raloxifene which reduces risk up to 38% ( Consult a doctor if your over the age of 60 or have  family history of the disease).
  • Breastfeed- Studies have shown that women who breastfeed are low risk. Breastfeeding helps in producing a hormone called Prolactin, a hormone which lowers estrogen levels. The longer you breastfeed, the more you are protected (breastfeed for at least one year).

Can Breast Cancer be  prevented, Landry, Sue., Dr. Oz, 2010

29 September 2014

Introducing: Jean-Michel Basquiat Candle Collection

                                                                       Cozy up with a candle 

Jean-Michel Basquiat was an American artist from Brooklyn, NY. He gained notoriety after collaborating with pop artist Andy Warhol. Inspired by Basquiat's love of graffiti, Ligne Blanche has reproduced amazing pieces of art work on porcelain for a great price. This new high-end candle collection is the perfect gift for everyone, especially for the beau! For $38 you too, can have a high-end piece of artwork! Scents include fig and bergamot, wood and amber, jasmine and peony, lily of the valley, smoked tea and ylang flower and  pinewood, made by Givaudan- a renowned fragrance atelier. Fall is the perfect season to cozy up with a candle! Which one will you pick?
King Pleasure "1987" notes: fig and bergamot

Cowboy and Indian "1982" notes: smoked tea and ylang flower


26 September 2014

Look what "Flashed" in!!!

                                                                   Metallic Jewelry- Inspired Tattoos 

                                                                              A free jewelry tattoo applied w/purchase

Flash tattoos, the latest trend we're obsessing over! Metallic temporary tattoos are taking the accessory world to a new heights!Flash tattoos are perfect for everyone. This new trend in body art allows the wearer to be unique and imaginative in accessorizing. It's perfect for jewelry lovers, art lovers, those who despise permanent ink, and of course trend setters! It's super easy to apply and last 4-6 days!Come in, shop with us and "Flash" your selfie!!!

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