Lettie Gooch Does Events!

Lettie Gooch Does Events!

Lettie Gooch is known to be a local Women's wear boutique, but aside from being a space for selling ethical fashion by emerging brands, we are also a space that host events! 

We embrace our local D.C. business, while also supporting other existing brands and their missions in this city.

On April 28th, 2016 we hosted a very successful event here at Lettie Gooch. We teamed up with Girl's Do!

Girls Do! Is a brand who's goal is to create and encourage  a community of women to take chances,learn new skills and discover talents that in turn will empower them to become better versions of themselves. Their goal is to also help women connect with one another  ,and build great relationships.

We hosted their very first event for their Girls Do! event series. They invited friends, family ,and supporters of their brand here as they made their debut. 

They had organized ice breaker games to help everyone connect, gave out gifts, and encouraged mingling over snacks, sweet treats, and drinks.

Here's a peek of what happened that evening: 

The leading ladies of Girls Do!

 The sweet treats and snacks!

The prizes and event sign-ups!


It's safe to say that this event was a success! Keep an eye out in the next event we host so YOU can join in the fun!