Can you Candle?

Can you Candle?

Along with carrying  clothes and apothecary we are currently carrying the most beautifully scented candles here at Lettie Gooch! 

Thanks to Homestead we have 8 oz and 14oz candles of varying scents. They are all enclosed in cope hammered cannisters and hand-stamped cotton hangtags. The scents include: 


Pictured: The  8oz cotton cup

This scent is made of Emerald fig and sheer vanilla with sweet tea leaves creating a nice sweet scent.



Pictured: The 14oz Hammered Canister is.

This is a relatively fruity scent and a Lettie Gooch favorite! The ambrosia  fragrance mixes essences of orange and coconut with a dash of grapefruit.

Sprig :

Pictured: The 14oz Hammered Canister

This is the most  herbal of the scents. The Sprig scent is made of flowering basil and garden mint with a splash of lemon.



Pictured: 14oz Hammered Canister

This scent is made of newly bloomed magnolia with a hint of fresh spring linen. This smells like fresh clean laundry on a Sunday morning.

Like what you see? Then stop by Lettie Gooch or visit us online to see which scent you connect to!