Accessory Talk : The Clutch

Accessory Talk : The Clutch

Ladies! Today's message is all about one of the most ideal and essential fashion accesories of all time, the Clutch!

What is there not to love about a nice clutch? They are very useful packing your essentials. You can put your wallet, makeup, even your phone all in there. The are super compact so it incentivizes you to stay organized when you are out and about. (Seriously the less you pack the less you lose) Lastly, they literally add edge to your outfit! 

We at Lettie Gooch believe that these are valid reasons as to why a clutch is an ideal accessory. That's why we are carrying them this season! 

Thanks to The Amacha Collective, we have brought back a favorite here, The Snake Skin Clutch. We sold out last season, so we are carrying them again in new colors!

The Yellow:

The Black and White:

And The Gray:

*PLUS : The interiors of all of these clutches are lined with this beautiful Batik print.

Gorgeous right?! Lucky for you, all of these looks are available now both in store and online at