Adoring Abiqutie

Adoring Abiqutie

The luxury of being a part of the retail community is being able to carry all types of brands and styles in our shop.

This includes our jewelry. Today we are showing love to one of our favorite lines, Abiqutie

We absolutely adore this jewelry line. They are all about handmade earrings. Their techniques consist of using recyclable vegan leather, or bright painted colors on to a pine-wood base. 

Here are a few examples of our top looks: 

Look #1: 

The warm colors on this pair will help gives some pop to your fall ensemble. The cloud shaped outline creates dimension and accented detail to this set.

Look #2 :

These recyclable and vegan earrings makes you feel close to nature. Their pear shaped outline is textured with beige, sienna and chocolate colored accents. They are also centered with an eye shape design as they embrace beautiful Earth tones.

Look #3: 

This pair keeps you calm and collected with its layinging of cool colors. The undefined outline is also easy on the eye.


Grorgeous right? These are just some of the amazing looks you can choose from here at Lettie Gooch. A bonus is that all of the earrings from this collection are lightweight so you won't have to worry about them being heavy on your ears!

Swing by or visit us online to get your favorite look today!