Dig the Dip?: Our Favorite Dip-Dye Looks!

Dig the Dip?: Our Favorite Dip-Dye Looks!

Summer's is here! And that means summer trends are too.

The season is hotter and so is the fashion. Amongst the fun trends seen in the summertime, a favorite of ours is dip-dye!

Whether it's on tops, bottoms, dresses, or hair we are all about it!

Lettie Gooch is currently carrying varyied dip-dye pieces just in time for the season! Some of which include: 

The Triangle Keyhole Dress by The Odells: 

This Cami Maxi dress is covered in this rich, red, dip- dye print. It looks so vibrant  on this relaxing billowy fit piece. For this look in particular the print just takes it to a whole 'nother level!


The Crossover Romper by The ODells: 

Suprise! Matching prints! So if it wasn't clear already we are in love with this print. Lucky for you, you can also rock it on a romper. Rompers are staple piece for the summer so why not stand out with it.  And this look speaks for itself!

And last but not least, The Tokyo Kimono Dress by The Odells: 

This belted off the shoulder dress is an adorable piece here at Lettie Gooch! The dye on this look is very natural ! So if you're someone who likes earthy neutral pieces this dress is for you! 

Dig The Dip? Then Swing by Lettie Gooch and check out these cool looks today!